Sri visaladchy Ambiga Goddess Sametha Sri Visvanatha swami Thevastanam is situated at the town of puttur cetrally located in the jaffna peninsula. Puttur is endowed with Moorthy Thalam Theertham and the God and answer the prayers of Their devotees. This temple is also popularly known as puttur Sivan Temple. It is recorded in history that during the pallava period, there was Revial of Hinduism ,and as a result with the emergence of Thevara Thiruvasagam by Saiva Saints (Nayanmar) and Divya Pirapantham by Vaishnava Saints (Aalvar) , Hinduism stood in full glory . It is said that in this period , many more new temples were constructed and old templs renovated. The temple referted to in Dakshana Kailaya Puranam is the puttur sivan temple and the springs referred to is the Nilavarai Tank. The distance between the temple and the tank is approximately halfmile (0.8Km).Although the `Theerthotsavam` took place at the Nilavarai Tank from historic times, with the passage of time a Holy Tank was constructed adjoining the temple ,and since then , the ‘Theerthotsavam’ has been conducted at the Holy Tank alongside the temple.